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Patricia A. Smith
"Overheard At Recent Exhibitions"
"Overheard...detail with 1st amendment"
"Without a Legacy to Stand On"
"Without a Legacy to Stand On"
"Now With Even More"
"In Her Shoes"
"All That Was Left To Say"
"In Parenthesis"
"Better Left Unsaid"

Born:  Cleveland, Ohio

1978 – 1982 University of South Florida, Communications BS

1982 – 2000   Lyricist, EMI Records, Cruise Director, Renaissance
Cruises, Marketing  Coordinator, Sun Line Cruises, Chef, Writer.

2000 – present:  Furniture Designer, Sculptor, Freelance Writer,
and Painter.

Ms. Smith’s life has been a mostly self taught journey that took her on
one creative path to another traveling and living abroad, collecting
and utilizing found objects, exploring culture and cuisine, creating
color palettes with food, playing with words, combining writing with
painting, trying to make sense of this experience called life while
ending up in some of the most unlikely places and circumstances.   In
spring 2001 after nearly two decades overseas, she returned permanently
to the United States from Paris and settled in Florida  where she
currently resides and paints.   A survivor of three hurricanes,
multi-lingual, outspoken, quick witted, introspective, confounded,
conscious and aware, the focus of her work over the past few years has
resulted in her throwing layer upon layer of paint and texture on
canvas, scrawling messages, reminders and stream of conscious ideas and
observations, random thoughts, unearthing partial sections, covering
them again and then reducing them to their bare essential essence to
create the pieces that make up the most significant body of her work to

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