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Verginio Ferrari
"Being Born"
stainless steel
22' X 25' X 20'
VIRGINIO FERRARI is an internationally recognized sculptor, having exhibited his work in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and throughout the United States. He was born in Verona, Italy where he graduated from the Scuola Di'Arte N. Nanni and from the Accademia Cignaroli, where he received his first teaching assignment. His father and grandfather were both stone cutters who established a sense of craftsmanship in the household. Ferrari continued this tradition and held his first one man show in Venice at the age of 24. From 1966 to 1976 Ferrari was an artist in residence at the University of Chicago and since then has resided in Chicago where he has devoted his full energies to sculpting. Ferrari's sculptures can be found on street corners and Public Parks, at Universities, Libraries and corporation in Chicago, as well as in Private Collections.

FERRARI'S work has been described as lyrical, abstract sculpture in bronze, stainless steel, marble and granite. He holds many awards for his achievements, including the Illinois State Service Award for outstanding contributions as a sculpture who has vitalized and humanized urban spaces. He was also named Cavaliere Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana by the president of Italy for his important contributions to the international world.

FERRARI is currently preparing for a major retrospective show at the Galleria D'Arte Moderna Palazzl Forti in Verona which will open March 2001 where there will also be the release of a Feature Film Documentary on his life and work entitled "FULL CIRCLE" , as well as an interactive C.D. ROM. He is also in the process of making an environmental sculpture for the medieval town of Panicale, Italy entitled "CRISTALLI in FORMAZIONE" made out of the Italian stone Pietra Serena which will be installed in September, 2000. Recently the proposal of his environmental sculpture, entitled LA FAMIGLIA" (stainless steel), has been approved by the city of Verona. FERRARI is now sharing his time, for 6 months between Chicago and Verona. He is teaching sculpture at Loyola University Chicago Rome Center of Liberal Arts.